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Please see SNAKE, Page A2 Scientists reviverfrozenr rat’s heart The Ai»oclat»d Press WASHINGTON — By excluding him from the presidential debates, Ross Perot said Sunday that Bob Dole has "poisoned the attitude” of millions of independent voters, a group Republicans desperately need to win the W^ic House and keep control of Congress.

But analysts also said that the absence of the Texas independent from the nro debates would give Dole a chance to make up his double-digit defidt in the polls by going head-to-hcad with President CUnton.

Kampf was one of three men to com- mit suiddc this month at gun ranges in the Son Francisco Bay area, including two at one range in South San Frandsco. MM Kampf wanted to buy a handgim, he would hav-c faced the flveday waiting period and background check required by federal law. The ultraviolet index forecast is 5, a moderate exposure level. Or if you be Sere evdyihmg 3UU read in the news me(£a or evetythingjouhearonthenevrsoremy- thing poliodan S td! And if juu believe “anjihing” Side \illie ic Us jnju, wd L I jua ha K»o* to a bridge in Brotikhn r U make you a good deal on - trust me! and by the way, before I get too mudi bale mail, yes, 1 do take my own ad- vice and bare not voted for certain peojde when I did not fully understand where they stood on issues that vnac impartzia to me, and j-es, in some cases I later regretted not baring voted for that perses L Iknrever, I like to bdievc Hn still smart enou^ to know bow stupid lam. ) HENRY ASCHENBRENNER _ _ Rupert Facts should have been checked Wouldn't fnr Tunnn scnsc have helped in the situaiian of an “unsubstanti- ated rumor” gening out of band?

At shooting ranges, bow-' ever, rented guns arc usually available on the spot as long as the customer Is sobcr. Ad^donally, many gun range owners i j v u i n mn g their cmji Jayecs to look for “I studied the guy. Extended regional forecast Wednesday and Thursday partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain or snow showers. A fenv telefhone wo^ have veri Ced Dcn- ald Shiiva’ was in a group home in Boise doxcg some work.

"We hm-c developed a set of 10 princi- ples to guide Mcdi^d reform - 10 prin- ciples that ensure our ^ledicaid ptug t um is used appropriately and cost-t the elderly.

It’s a rapidly growing program - more people are eligftic for :dd, and the gov- ernment is shell tng out more in bend Eus - prompting the Idaho Depanment el Health and Welfare to review the pn- gram.

Page C4 Opinion TS*t) views: Contrasting reactions to Utah’s new national monu- ment. Page A6 Nation Sony, ladies: America’s most eli- gible bachelor, John F. Page A3 World Yeltsin^ troubles: Kidney and liver problems plague the Russian leadei; an ex-aide s^.

Page A5 Section by section Section A Section C Weather. _ ^ ^ atphta BK)(U|^KFI»K)d9la^ Classified —motof home In two-days-by uslng The limes-News Classifieds. 1 -b' - Twin Falla Canal Caetn^oyees Jay Barh^iett, and Cay Sc t te c B inspect IB OBtfetdanpe Head- Ing from RMe Resemrir, east of Idaho F^Ds. By wn Sam Brock f lu MS fi ees writer BURLEY - Everyooe agrees the Sooke River flowed higher this year than at aay dmc in the past dirnifc, but not cverytjoe can agree whether the big water was a good thing.

"It couldn’t have gone mudh higher hosted by the U. "High flows do some good, but if you’re a prop- erty owner, it gets you worried." Cozakos and his neighbors sweated through two bigh-waicr episodes, one in late March and the other in early June.

As far as Idaho Depanmeai of Fish arid hi gh flows bdow Palisades Dam arc go^ news for the area's &mous axtunwood forest and cutthroat trout Cdury.

Whitewater boaters from around the co unt r y gav e thumbs-op to the ing water as they paddled famous rapids betwe e n Munaugh and Twin Falls.

Changes to the state- and federally- funded program may also be only a heanbeae away.

Raymond chairs an advisory council that is gathering comment on Medicaid reforms.

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Non-niusing • are- Please see MEDICAID, Page A2 Snake rattled and rolled High water of ’96 was flood to some^ benefit to others * Braves clinch: Sund^ 8-2 victo* over Montreal sent Atlanta into the baseball p Ia;yoffs for a National Lea^e record fifth straight year.

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