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Egypt for egypr dating marriage

He stressed that love is the main basis for marriage in ancient Egyptian life.The Ancient Egyptians portrayed scenes of love and respect between men and their wives on the walls of temples.As in today's society, Egyptians considered marriage to be for a lifetime but divorces were fairly common.Incest was frowned upon except for royalty, who could marry their siblings, and marriages were expected to be monogamous, except for royalty.However, they did have some restrictions in marriage as royal family members weren’t allowed to marry members of the public, in order to maintain the purity of their royal blood.Despite this restriction, a number of marriages between royalty and common folk did occur such as the marriage of King Amenhotep III and Queen Tiya.The husband had social and legal obligations to his wife as well, such as providing her with means, respecting her, not commanding her and being loyal to her.On the other hand, the wife was obliged to keep the house clean, take care of her husband, and share her money and prosperity with him as well, in addition to tending to her children.

More emphasis was placed on the woman's happiness than the man's.

Boys were usually married by the age of 15 to 20 while girls married at a younger age, sometimes as early as 12 years old.

Since the average lifespan was about 30 years, these ages probably did not seem as young to the Egyptians as they do today.

The most well-known love stories in Ancient Egyptian history are those of Isis and Osiris, which is the center of Egyptian mythology, and King Tutankhamen and Queen Ankhesenamun, according to the book.

Commoners also married their family members like royalty did.

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