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I count on that ability when meeting wrestlers all the time, even more so when they actually already know I'm gay.It's like, "hey man relax, I'm normal" for a bunch of kids who have never met a fuckin gay guy in their life.I was just pointing out that most young gay guys send dick pics. Whether to someone you are dating, or someone you are talking to on the apps. I wasn't trying to make some statement about narcissism or attention seeking. That doesn't mean he won't have moments of horny weakness and do it. You don't get that shit in many corners of the internet.Andy Cohen and his lowest common denominator ass can fuck off.What if that had been someone more thin skinned or who had just come out through such an article?OP is a douche for sure, buuut it did make me laugh and want to read more so, all in good bitchery I wouldn't think so.

Their going to think gays everywhere are certifiably insane... I was condemning the idea that many close minded ignorant people have that belief that being gay changes anything.

I've been here since the beginning, but I have to say that the level of creeper-ness in this thread has reached train wreck levels; which is probably why I can't look away.

Still, I shudder.r152 I think some were trying to impress Dylan with the over-the-top bitchery, but they were really just assholes.

Even that was a comical and weightless observation. In that posters defense it wasn't written directly to him r109, that was before Dylan made his presence known.

But shit like that is posted here, as Andy Cohen said about us, there is "no crueler place"R109 I know right?

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