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A former secretary, Firma Helget, provided Dryden with an affidavit saying she had been instructed to not order a ballistic vest for Dryden, and that Dryden was known for union organizing.The affidavit caused her superiors to lose trust in her, undermining the department’s operations and she was fired in 2012.Nevertheless, we also find it prudent to rule that — even if the banned assault weapons and large-capacity magazines are somehow entitled to Second Amendment protection — the district court properly subjected the FSA to intermediate scrutiny and correctly upheld it as constitutional under that standard of review.", filed August 1, 2017)(summary by Fisher Patterson). Starrett was eventually arrested for interference, under local municipal code.Two police officers were called to respond to a domestic disturbance at the home of Edward and Joanna Starrett. She sued both officers, claiming her arrest had been unlawful and that officers used excessive force in effecting the arrest. Starrett had a clearly established right to revoke her husband's consent to enter the trailer.Before entering, the man filming says in the video they intended to file a complaint claiming they were "illegally pulled over" an hour prior. Holly alleged that the termination violated his rights under Kentucky state law and the 2d Amendment.Dearborn police haven't verified the identities of the suspects but said a statement is forthcoming, MLive reports. I will put a round in you, sir." "It's all legal, sir," one of the men is heard saying. "While it is undisputed that Holly possessed a gun in his vehicle on UPS SCS premises--which is gun possession protected under Kentucky law--it is likewise undisputed that he removed the gun from his vehicle and placed it in another employee's vehicle--which is not [protected] gun possession.", filed 02/21/17).Former Hays Police Department Officer Blaine Dryden filed a lawsuit against the City of Hays, City Manager Toby Dougherty and then-Chief of Police James Braun.

One judge dissented on that issue, noting that extending an investigative detention because the detained individual “asked for a supervisor to come to the scene,” is not clearly established as a violation., filed 01/04/17).Helget sued, claiming her termination violated her First Amendment rights.The 10th Circuit affirmed summary judgment for the defendants, holding the “operational interests” of the city as a public employer outweigh the free speech rights of the former secretary. council enacted a law that confined carrying a handgun in public to those with a special need for self-defense.On 09/19/17, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court’s judgment upholding the use of force policy and rejected the claims under 42 U. The court applied intermediate scrutiny, saying that doing so appropriately places the burden on the City of Seattle to justify placing restrictions on any Second Amendment right of its employees, while also giving the City the flexibility to act as an employer. One of the men wore a black mask and bullet-resistant vest and a had a semi-automatic rifle slung over his shoulder, according to police. Florida allows concealed carry with a license, but prohibits open carry by statute. It held that Florida’s Open Carry Law violates neitherthe Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, nor article I, section 8, of the Florida Constitution., 03/02/17)(unpublished).Ultimately, the court held the policy does not impose a substantial burden on Appellants’ right to use a firearm for the purpose of lawful self-defense. The incident was live-streamed on Facebook and later posted on You Tube. UPS -SCS fired Holly after he moved his lawfully possessed handgun from his own car to a coworker's car while Holly's car was in the shop.

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