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By the 18th century, Europeans recognized the value of literacy, and schools were opened to educate the public in growing numbers.

Education in the Age of Enlightenment in France led to up to a third of women becoming literate by the time of the French Revolution, contrasting with roughly half of men by that time.

Despite the fact that women and men had a great deal of equality in Ancient Egypt, there were still important divisions in gender roles.

Men worked as scribes for the government, for example, whereas women would often work at occupations tied to the home, such as farming, baking bread and brewing beer; however, a large number of women, particularly from the upper classes, worked in business and traded at markets, as perfumers, and some women also worked in temples.

In Roman Catholic communities, Confirmation ceremonies are considered one of seven sacraments that a Catholic may receive during their life.

In many countries, it is traditional for Catholics children to undergo another sacrament, First Communion, at the age of 7 years old.

Some women did become literate and were scholars, however, such as Hypatia.

Girls' formal education has traditionally been considered far less important than that of boys.

Confirmation is a ceremony common to many Christian denominations for both boys and girls, usually taking place when the child is in their teen years.

This usage may be considered derogatory or disrespectful in professional or other formal contexts, just as the term boy can be considered disparaging when applied to an adult man. It can also be used deprecatively when used to discriminate against children ("you're just a girl").

In casual context, the word has positive uses, as evidenced by its use in titles of popular music.

Elizabeth received an education equal to that of a prominent male aristocrat; she was educated in Latin, Greek, Spanish, French, philosophy, history, mathematics and music.

England reaped the reward of her rich education when circumstances resulted in her becoming a capable monarch.

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For this reason, girls' and boys' education differed.

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